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Some of our work.


Like what you see? Interested in taking your website’s development to the next level? Contact us today.


We are here to help you! Before designing any website, we will take a full brief from you. You are our core focus and we aim to understand your needs from day one. Once we have the full brief, we will pass this onto our dedicated web designers who will work with you to integrate your website with your social media pages, CRMs and payment systems. With every website, we aim to create a seamless customer journey.

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We have a dedicated and experienced team whose sole responsibility is to meticulously research and create intelligently written material for blogs, social media, marketing material, websites and email campaigns. We are keen storytellers and aim to create a unique and memorable experience through words.


A picture speaks a thousand words! Every day we are bombarded with thousands of images. We at TLMG create and design a visual story that will immediately impact any visitors to your website. It's a unique opportunity to have both a photographer and graphic designer in one place that can support with digital and print design, logo and brand development as well as web site design.

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Social media can be a daunting and frustrating place, but we can take all that stress away from you. We analyse your target audience, create content, collaborate with influencers and work with those within your sector to obtain and distribute relevant and exciting social media content. We have an inhouse team who can provide specific training on such platforms as LinkedIn, which can prove valuable when connecting yourself with others in the marketplace. 

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We are a small, friendly team with expertise in web page design, copywriting, blogs, social media management, SEO, photography and graphic design. 


We’re based in the idyllic village of Wrea Green, Lancashire, but don’t let that put you off. We work with a range of clients from start-ups to larger businesses throughout the UK. Between us, we have over 30+ years of experience within the media world and are on hand 24/7 to assist you and your team.


While working on the User Experience Update project, we were determined to produce an outcome with a stunning visual appeal that wouldn’t compromise on functionality.  We think the final product turned out sensationally.

 We had to dig deep into our prior experiences of providing personalized web development services, we were determined to produce an outcome with a stunning visual appeal that wouldn’t compromise on functionality. We are proud to say that the final product turned out better than the client had hoped for. 


Unit 9, Brook Mill, Station Rd, Wrea Green, Preston PR4 2PH

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We’re really proud of this project! This was a piece of work that was aimed at making our clients’ day-to-day business run easier and more efficiently. They were looking for a design that would improve their user's experience and hence their journey through the Global Leather website.  We worked in collaboration with their team, thrashing out ideas and creating a clear plan of action. Working through a specific specification and to strict timelines, we were able to create a piece of work that the team at Global Leather “were over the moon with!”

This was a project we really enjoyed working on. The clients were a great bunch of people to work with. They knew what they wanted to achieve but they needed some guidance on how to get there. We spent a few days brainstorming and creating a storyboard to ensure we were all ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ and then they left it in our capable hands. The end result was really well received and we continue to work with them on other projects.

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